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Chamber Music 4

The brass of the OSR



11:00 — Conservatoire de musique de Genève

Series Chamber music

Chambre music


Julia Heirich
Isabelle Bourgeois

Olivier Bombrun
Giuliano Sommerhalder
Gérard Métrailler

Claude-Alain Barmaz
Laurent Fabre

Matteo de Luca
Alexandre Faure
Vincent Métrailler
Andrea Bandini

Laurent Fouqueray
trombone basse

Ross Knight

Carte blanche à l'ensemble de cuivres de l'OSR

the music

It is the great Giovanni Gabrieli who will logically open the fires of this festive concert for the brass. Kapellmeister of Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice, he used the architectural particularities of the place by installing the musicians in the two boxes for the choirs facing each other, thus creating a striking spatiality in his famous Canzone. Stereophony was therefore born around 1585! But there will be many other wonders and surprises during this morning with a transcription of Bach's Third Brandenburg Concerto and arrangements of works by William Byrd and Joseph Haydn. Jazz will not be outdone with the song Lush Life by African-American composer Billy Strayhorn, a standard that will be taken up by many musicians. After the Bruckner Etude by Enrique Crespo in homage to a composer who knew how to write so well for the brass, we will discover the most recent work of this program, Contrasts for 5 trumpets, composed in 2014 by the American composer Anthony Plog. An unusual program that speaks volumes about the curiosity and eclecticism of our musicians.

OSR Live

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Yvonne Naef


György Ligeti
Poème symphonique, pour cent métronomes

Johann Sebastian Bach
Komm süsser Tod (orchestration by Leopold Stokowski)

Gustav Mahler
Kindertotenlieder, for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Recorded on 21 January 2021 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Richard Dubugnon

Arcanes symphoniques, pour grand orchestre

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 09 December 2015 at Victoria Hall, Geneva