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season tickets

Subscriptions to the 2022-23 season are closed, but you can still purchase a subscription to the remaining Family concerts and Lausanne concerts. 


Chose your subscription from the options below. Either request the box office to call you back to help you choose your seat, or purchase your subscription directly online.

Lausanne 4

Missed the first concerts of the season at the newly renovated Théâtre de Beaulieu? Select this option to subscribe to the remainder of the season 

Thursday 12.01.2023

Alondra de la Parra  conductor

Mikhaïl Pletnev  piano

Daniel Lozakovich  violin

Mikhaïl Glinka
Maurice Ravel
George Gershwin
Leonard Bernstein
Camille Saint-Saëns

Thursday 09.03.2023

Jonathan Nott  conductor

Alexandra Conunova  violin

Felix Mendelssohn
Gustav Mahler

Thursday 06.04.2023

Daniel Harding  conductor

Håkan Hardenberger  trumpet

Mark-Anthony Turnage
Ralph Vaughan Williams

Thursday 11.05.2023

Simone Young  conductor

Kian Soltani  cello

Edward Elgar
Béla Bartók

Family +

4 concerts for children 7 years and up, including a special Christmas evening concert!


Wednesday 14.12.2022

Ana María Patiño-Osorio  conductor

Marion Fontana  narrator

Christmas Tale

Saturday 21.01.2023

Orchestre du Collège de Genève  orchestra

Philippe Béran  conductor and presentation

Joan Mompart  storyteller

Bedřich Smetana
Julien Le Hérissier

Saturday 04.02.2023

Jonathan Nott  conductor

Marie Ernst  presentation

Igor Stravinski

Saturday 03.06.2023

Marc Leroy-Calatayud  conductor

Daniel Leveillé  tap dancer

Marc Perrenoud  piano (artist in residence)

Morton Gould
Marc Perrenoud


Let us know which series you are interested in, and how best to contact you. We will call you to explain the next steps and help you choose your seat!

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Become a subscriber to enjoy exclusive benefits :

  1. Up to 30% off every concert
  2. Access to the best seats before the ticket office opens
  3. Keep the same seat for the whole season
  4. Your seat is transferrable to another person in case of unforeseen circumstances
  5. Your tickets are refunded at 100% of the cost in the event a concert is cancelled

Subscription prices

Victoria Hall, Geneva

   8 concerts (series O & S)   5 concerts (series R+)     4 concerts (series R)   
Loges 816  510  408  
 Category 694  435  347  
  Category 598  375  299  
  Category 448  280  224  
  Category 3482081402201309017410470
  Category 2421469615590601217348
 Category 180108721106545905436
 Category 56  35  28  


   4 concerts (pass liberté)  
on sale from 2nd August
Loges 480  
 Category 1 408  
 Category 2 352  
 Category 3 320  
 Category 4 24814880
 Category 5 17610480
 Category 6 1287640
 Category 7 40  


Single-category Concerts

   Normal    Reduced*   Youth** 
Musique de chambre (6 concerts) 1146666
FAMILLE+ (5 concerts) 553520
Concerts en famille (4 concerts) 482816



Théâtre de Beaulieu, Lausanne


 6 concerts5 Concerts4 concerts
  Normal  Reduced*  Youth** Normal Reduced* Youth**  Normal  Reduced*  Youth** 
 Category 1 366  325  310  
 Category 2 294  265  252  
 Category 3 252  225  216  
 Category 4 234192602101755019816640
 Category 5 174144301551302514812320
 Category 6 10896301009025948320


* Reduced price with proof : AVS, AI, job seeker
** Youth price with proof of age : under 25

Prices in CHF