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Marc Mauillon


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Marc Mauillon
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Owing to the extent of his repertoire, unique tone and chiselled diction, Marc Mauillon lays claim to a very personal place in the current operatic scene.

Both baritone and tenor, this chameleon adapts his colours to suit his musical performances as well as the characters he embodies. His repertoire covers composers such as Mozart, Machaut, Monteverdi, Offenbach, Lully, Dupin, Rameau, Debussy, Caccini, Purcell, Poulenc, Strasnoy, W. Christie, M. Minkowski, R. Pichon, C. Rousset, A. Altinoglu, J. Savall, V. Dumestre, H. Niquet, E. Haïm, L. Campellone, M. Pascal, and G. Jourdain.

From monodic recitals a cappella to large productions with a chorus and orchestra, such as operas, and chamber music, which he loves dearly, he sails effortlessly across a great number of venues, languages, eras, styles, and personalities never ceasing to find his voice fuelled with passion.

OSR Live

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Symphonie N°9

Recorded on 30 July 2020 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphonie N° 4 en si bémol majeur op. 60

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 30 July 2020 at Victoria Hall, Geneva