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Simone Young



19:30 — Victoria Hall

series R

series R+



20:15 — Théâtre de Beaulieu

Lausanne 4

Series Lausanne

Grand Mécène



19:30 — Théâtre équilibre



Simone Young

Kian Soltani

Edward Elgar

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in E minor op. 85

Béla Bartók

Concerto for Orchestra

the music

Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto entered the world stage in 1965 thanks to Jacqueline du Pré's exalted and romantic interpretation. The work dates from 1919, following the English composer's long silence during the war. Contemplative and elegiac, his last important work shines with the twilight of a language that will die with him. His music may have fallen out of fashion, but has come back with a vengeance thanks to a new generation of performers who have been able to detect its grandeur and nobility.

Béla Bartok's masterful Concerto for Orchestra is also a work of the end of his life, at a time when the great Hungarian composer was dying of illness and misery in his American exile. Commissioned by friends who wanted to help him, the work quickly became popular thanks to its extraordinary blend of virtuosity and Hungarian popular influences magnified by an immediately understandable style. In 1956, at the dawn of stereophony, the OSR made a recording that caused a sensation.

OSR Live

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Yvonne Naef


György Ligeti
Poème symphonique, pour cent métronomes

Johann Sebastian Bach
Komm süsser Tod (orchestration by Leopold Stokowski)

Gustav Mahler
Kindertotenlieder, for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Recorded on 21 January 2021 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Jonathan Nott | Sergey Khachatryan

Concerto pour violon et orchestre

Recorded on 30 July 2020 at Victoria Hall, Geneva