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Zimmermann plays Schumann



19:30 — Victoria Hall

series R - spring

series R+



20:15 — Salle Métropole

Series Lausanne

Grand Mécène


Jonathan Nott

Frank Peter Zimmermann
(artist in residence) violin

Robert Schumann

Concerto for violin and orchestra in D minor

Johannes Brahms

Symphony No 2 in D major op. 73

the music

Set a course for romantic Germany for this concert celebrating the friendship between Brahms and Schumann.

Completed the day after the young Brahms' first visit to the Schumanns by a composer whose mental faculties were already beginning to decline, it was Brahms himself who saved the manuscript of the Violin Concerto in D minor that Clara Schumann wanted to destroy. Rejected by its dedicatee, Joseph Joachim, Schumanns concerto laid forgotten until its resurrection in 1937 by the Nazi regime before Yehudi Menuhin masterfully introduced it to New York in 1938. This little-loved concerto has gradually risen to prominence in the concerto repertoire alongside those by Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Brahms.

The latter's Symphony No. 2 is a happy, serene work. The curtain gradually rises from the mists of northern Germany to end in an almost Mediterranean light in D major that is as thunderous as it is joyous.


Spoiler alert! We could not resist sharing this short extract of the 4th movement of Brahms second symphony, recorded by the OSR and Marek Janowski on 23.09.2009 :

OSR Live

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Yvonne Naef


György Ligeti
Poème symphonique, pour cent métronomes

Johann Sebastian Bach
Komm süsser Tod (orchestration by Leopold Stokowski)

Gustav Mahler
Kindertotenlieder, for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Recorded on 21 January 2021 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Maurice Ravel

Valses nobles et sentimentales, pour orchestre

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 09 December 2015 at Victoria Hall, Geneva