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A Christmas tale



19:00 — Victoria Hall

family concert +


Ana María Patiño-Osorio

Marion Fontana

Beethoven, Britten, Dvořák, Fauré

Christmas Tale (excerpts from works)

Text by Corinne Baudet
Musical editing and arrangements by the OSR

the music

Three musical instruments find themselves abandonned in a rubbish container the night before Christmas. How they would love to share the magic of music once more! But they are badly damaged and have no idea how to rescue themselves from the situation.

They suceed in attracting the attention of a young girl making a basic living from abandoned objects she collects and restores. She often finds treasures that people throw away without thinking.

Perhaps, just perhaps, she could give a new life to these three poor instruments?

Educational file available (in french) on request

the venues

OSR Live

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Modest Mussorgsky

Night on the Bare Mountain

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 30 November 2018 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No 6 'Pastoral'

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 26 November 2018 at Victoria Hall, Geneva