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Despite the light shower risk, tonights concert will go ahead as planned! We look forward to welcoming you! Online ticket sales are now closed: tickets will go on sale at Genève-Plage from 19h30.




20:45 — Genève-Plage


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Jonathan Nott

Ross Knight

Johannes Brahms

Serenade No. 1 in D major, Op. 11

Edward Gregson

Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra

the music

In awe of the intimidating shadow of Beethoven, Johannes Brahms decided to wait until he had mastered orchestral writing before composing his first symphony at the age of forty. He made his mark with his two Serenades, which stand halfway between chamber music and symphonic forms. The Serenade in D major, Op. 11, seems to be inspired by Haydn and a young Beethoven, his teacher. This cheerful and carefree work is dominated by the use of wind instruments that give it a bucolic and popular colour.

The tuba is immediately recognisable in an orchestra by its spectacular size, but is rarely used as a solo instrument. English composer Edward Gregson wrote many works for various solo instruments, including this Tuba Concerto, composed in 1976 for a brass band and arrange for various different instrumental formations. The orchestral version will accompany Ross Knight, the OSR's principal tuba player, crowned best brass player by the BBC in 2012. The three classical movements of this concerto alternate between virtuoso passages and a long, nostalgic melody in the slow movement. It ends triumphantly with a joyous jazz-inspired rondo.

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the venues

OSR Live

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Yvonne Naef


György Ligeti
Poème symphonique, pour cent métronomes

Johann Sebastian Bach
Komm süsser Tod (orchestration by Leopold Stokowski)

Gustav Mahler
Kindertotenlieder, for mezzo-soprano and orchestra

Recorded on 21 January 2021 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Richard Dubugnon

Arcanes symphoniques, pour grand orchestre

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 09 December 2015 at Victoria Hall, Geneva