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André Piguet's "L'OSR: une histoire insoupçonnée" (The OSR: an untold story) is out now

"A century of existence for the orchestra is one of struggles, of dazzling successes, of setbacks, and new challenges"

The intriguing story of the history of the OSR by André Piguet has recently been published by Slatkine editions: retracing a century of existence, the author seeks to understand the dilemmas and problems that the Orchestra has had to face and the whys and wherefores of its evolution.

With thousands of concerts to its credit, a fervent public, a rich discography, wide international recognition, an active partnership with the Grand Théâtre, constant support confirmed over time: the OSR may seem unshakeable. For many, it is part of the cultural fabric, just as the Matterhorn is part of the Zermatt panorama. Music lover André Piguet could easily have contented himself with recounting the certainty of its continuity. But a clear conscience dictates that it should be seen as an enduring miracle.

In French only, the book is currently available from bookshops in Switzeland, or directly from Slatkine:

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