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Russian Romanticism



19:30 — Victoria Hall

Series S


Fabio Luisidirection

Lise de la Sallepiano

SergeI Rachmaninoff

Concerto for piano and orchestra No 4 in G minor op. 40

PYotr Ilyich TchaIkovskY

Symphony No 5 in E minor op. 64

The music

This Russian programme brings together two exalted composers, both tortured by their inner demons; be it recurrent depression for Rachmaninoff or Tchaikovsky's constant mal de vivre.

The Piano Concerto No. 4 was very poorly received in the United States, where the expectation was that it would be a continuation of the earlier works. Instead, Rachmaninoff tries to renew himself with a lightness of touch and tender, fragile themes that reflect his latest style.

Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 5 sets the scene for an epic of his own life story, led by an unavoidable destiny represented by the clarinet theme. This theme becomes be the common thread throughout this autobiographical work, which nevertheless resonates with us all. With its scope, its discourse, its vast proportions and its sumptuous orchestration, it has long since won the hearts of music lovers.

The venues

OSR Live

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Maurice Ravel


Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 15 November 2017 at Victoria Hall, Geneva

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Symphonie N° 5

Jonathan Nott


Recorded on 16 February 2022 at Victoria Hall, Geneva