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patrons - sponsors - partners 2020-2021

We thank our funding authorities, sponsors and partners for their generous support.

prestigious partner

Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd

Credit Suisse and the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande have been longstanding partners since 1991.

Our enduring relationship is reflected in the strength of our partnership that is characterized by mutual trust and respect as well as the pursuit of performance excellence. Since 1918, the OSR has enjoyed an outstanding reputation both in Switzerland and internationally thanks to its innovative approach to concert broadcasts, recordings, and tours.

Credit Suisse and the OSR are committed to the future of classical music. They attach the same importance to promoting classical music and training the next generation. The Credit Suisse Foundation supports the Swiss Youth Music Competition and awards the Credit Suisse Young Artist Award and the Prix Credit Suisse des Jeunes Solistes in alternate years with partner organizations.

Credit Suisse has been involved in culture and sport in French-speaking Switzerland for more than 100 years; this regional commitment is demonstrated by the sustainability of its partnerships, such as with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, the Fondation de l'Hermitage in Lausanne, the Omega European Masters in Crans Montana, and CHI Geneva.

More information on our commitment is available at:

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Major Patrons


Joining the Geneva Association of Friends of the OSR (AOSR) means joining a family of more than 3,000 music lovers who, aware of the privilege Geneva has in hosting an internationally renowned orchestra, strive resolutely to support it.

Depending on the membership level, its members benefit from many advantages including lectures, free concerts (the “Lunch at the OSR” series), exclusive access to general and private rehearsals of the OSR, advanced purchase of subscription tickets, invitations to various events and private concerts, and much more.

Founded in 1935, the AOSR pursues the following statutory goals:

Provide financial support to the OSR: With the generosity of its members, and particularly its Patrons, the Friends of the OSR contribute several hundred thousand francs a year in support of the OSR and its influence.

Inspire and maintain the public's interest in the OSR: The AOSR strengthens the commitment of Geneva music lovers to their symphony orchestra by inviting members of various groups to private rehearsals; organising a number of events and concerts including the unmissable Concert de Nouvel An and Autumn Concert Extraordinaire; organising exclusive trips which allow Patrons to accompany the OSR on tour; leading the Intermezzo group with specific activities for 25-45 year olds; and coordinating Les Zamis of the OSR (around 700 members).

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The mission of the Vaud Association of Friends of the OSR is to make the eight Lausanne concerts a success, and work to bring greater visibility to our symphony orchestra concerts.

With the support of our patrons Fondation Juchum, Loterie Romande, Fondation Loche, Fondation Rochat, Fondation Préville, Centre Patronal, Parking Bellefontaine and our members, our various activities increase access to concerts for young audiences and maintain engagement with culture for the elderly.

Some of our highlights for the 2020-2021 season:

We begin our second season at the Salle Métropole with Gustav Mahler's magnificent Symphony No. 4, followed by an exceptional programme throughout the year.

Our Préludes (mini-lectures) will take place in the private rooms of Le Théâtre restaurant, a privileged opportunity for exchange between our members and music-loving audiences, led by the speaker for the evening.

Support us by joining our association!

Dominique Radoux
President of the Vaud Association of Friends of the OSR


Loterie Romande

The essential contribution of the Loterie Romande

Tonight, the magic of sound; tomorrow, a change of scene with a theatrical performance. In parallel, a solution found to allow a medical research programme to continue; assistance provided to the elderly; participation in the protection of the environment; and a contribution to the survival of a museum.

There are many examples of projects that have come about thanks to the support of Loterie Romande.

Since its foundation in 1937, Loterie Romande has never failed in its mission: to distribute all of its profits - amounting to more than 210 million francs per year - to institutions of public interest. These represent some 3,000 beneficiaries across the Romandy region, with nearly 600,000 francs distributed every day in favour of the community.

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Fondation Leenaards

In this period of tremendous upheaval, the Leenaards Foundation is delighted to reaffirm its support for the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande for the 2021/2022 season.

The orchestra continues to fulfil its role as a source of music and emotion against all odds. Thanks to its resilience and its profound desire to continue uniting people, the OSR is able to reach out to the public to restore - with vigour and conviviality - the connections altered by the pandemic.

The Leenaards Foundation is committed to stimulating the creative dynamic in the Lake Geneva region. It supports initiatives in the fields of culture, age & society and science.

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Fondation Francis & Marie-France Minkoff

Created in 2009, the Fondation Francis & Marie-France Minkoff is a philanthropic family foundation active in various fields, including education, scientific research and social and humanitarian action, as well as committing a significant part of its activities to culture, and classical music in particular.

As such, the Foundation especially supports the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, an orchestra with which the Minkoff family maintains links going back almost to its founding a century ago by Ernest Ansermet.

From the outset, the fame of the OSR and its illustrious conductor quickly spread beyond Swiss borders, leading them to become “extraordinary ambassadors” of our region; remaining an essential player in French-Swiss symphony and opera today. True to its history, the orchestra does everything it can to uphold its standing and remain at the highest level. To help the orchestra, the Foundation provides friendly, benevolent support.

The Foundation wishes to thank Maestro Jonathan Nott, Artistic and Musical Director, Mr Olivier Hari, President, Mr Steve Roger, General Manager, the whole management and, of course, the musicians, for the care they put into giving the best of themselves and striving for excellence to bring quality concerts to the public.

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Pictet Group Foundation

The Pictet Group Foundation is pleased to support the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, which skilfully blends modernity with respect for tradition, both values that are dear to us.

Our firm has always been keen to contribute to the development of cultural institutions recognised in Geneva and abroad for the quality of their services and their creativity.

The Partners of the Pictet Group wish the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande a highly successful new season with evenings full of emotion for all.

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Fondation Vontobel
Madame Aline Foriel-Destezet

Broadcast Partner


The RTS has worked closely with the OSR since 1929. Over the course of time and technological progress, first radio and then television have told the story of the OSR and contributed to building its audio-visual heritage. In the 21st century, digital media has enriched the offerings of television and radio. The RTS is increasing its ‘à la carte’ offers: the RTSCulture and PlayRTS platforms provide a mobile public service that meets all expectations. During the pandemic, the historic partnership between the RTS and OSR was strengthened through joint projects which allowed music enthusiasts to experience exceptional concerts on radio and TV, as well as through an abundant digital offering.

For as long as concerts remain a central, inalienable experience in the lives of music lovers and musicians, the RTS wishes the OSR and its audiences a beautiful concert season, both in the theatre and on all RTS platforms.

Alexandre Barrelet, Radio Télévision Suisse

Photo credits: RTS/Jay Louvion

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Season Partner


SIG is fully involved in the life of the city and the region. It supports a number of social, humanitarian, sports and cultural activities.

One way that SIG expresses its role and public service mission is by showing its proximity to the people of Geneva beyond its usual services.

Since the 2001-2002 season, SIG has supported the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, which shares emotional, masterful performances in Geneva and around the world on tour. Our partnership with the OSR is part of our desire to promote classical music to a wide audience and participate in the dynamic energy of Geneva in line with our vocation as a corporate citizen.

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Institutional Partner


JTI (Japan Tobacco International), a partner of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande (OSR) since 2016, is pleased to renew its support for the 2020-2021 season. Access to culture and arts for everyone, as well as social inclusion in every community, are part of the objectives of JTI’s philanthropic programs.

Seniors, devoted rehearsal and concert attendees – regularly accompanied by JTI volunteers – are always amazed by the quality of the OSR performances and the emotions that emanate from each performance.

The orchestra’s reputation is well established: one hundred years old and still strong. In Geneva, Switzerland, and across borders, classical music lovers continue to discover or rediscover conductors, musicians and talented artists interpreting genius partitions, with as much pleasure as ever.

May the OSR continue to shine and make us sing!


trafigura foundation

Trafigura Foundation works to open up equal opportunities for vulnerable populations and people living at the margin of society in Switzerland and around the world.

Equal opportunities belong not only to the socio-economic sector, but also to the cultural and artistic domain. OSR’s "itinerant roulotte" project convinced us for its originality, relevance and for its alignment with our philosophy: to make new horizons accessible for people normally excluded from concert halls for economic, social, cultural, health and disability issues.

We strongly believe that the universal language of music can contribute to the personal fulfilment and life enrichment of everyone, notwithstanding one’s origin and social conditions, and help build a sense of belonging to the Swiss Romandie’s community.

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Société Gustav Mahler de Genève

The SGMG, an association under Swiss law, was founded in January 2009.

Now with more than 140 members, it has continued to develop its activities in line with its principal goal, to promote the work of Gustav Mahler.

Since it was founded, our society has contributed to organising numerous concerts and has arranged lectures, presentations, and film screenings of works by Gustav Mahler.

Equally keen to reach out to young people, in collaboration with the Geneva Haute école de musique, the SGMG runs the biennial Gustav Mahler Competition, which is open to young singers and pianists coming to the end of their studies. The SGMG is very happy to contribute to the influence of the OSR with its Mahler performances!

Bruno Mégevand
Chairman of the Société Gustav Mahler de Genève

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ernst göhner foundation
Fondation genevoise de bienfaisance Valeria Rossi di Montelera
Fondation Alfred & Eugénie Baur



More than 100,000 companies and 1 million private customers have confidence in Allianz Switzerland’s comprehensive protection at every stage of their life and development.

With a volume of almost CHF 3.6 billion in premiums, Allianz Suisse is one of the largest providers of insurance and pension solutions in the country. With some 3,600 employees, it has achieved above-average growth for years, relying on dynamic client guidance, innovative products and high-quality advice.

Its dense, varied network of distribution channels guarantees Allianz Suisse a presence throughout the country and closeness to its clients. Whatever their needs and whether they are in Switzerland, neighbouring countries or around the world, Allianz Suisse and the Allianz group offer optimal solutions, with a focus on ensuring that policyholders can fully rely on its services when the time comes.

The commitment of Allianz Suisse as a partner and insurer of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande is a tradition of excellence. For several years now, the OSRs concerts have provided an opportunity to spend a few pleasant hours in the company of clients in a relaxed atmosphere

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M3 Groupe

m3 GROUPE invests all its expertise and creativity in building Geneva’s influence. Its many areas of activity – from real estate, hotels, and restaurants to events and even health and safety – share a common ambition: to offer first-rate services, always respecting the values ​​of excellence embodied by its President and Founder, Abdallah Chatila.

The OSR is a globally recognised establishment and an integral part of Geneva’s cultural landscape. Its values ​​of openness and universalism are perfectly aligned with the m3 GROUPE’s principles and vision, making m3’s commitment to the OSR a source of great pride.

This collaboration was initiated with the support of m3 GROUPE for the outdoor concerts held at Genève-Plage in August 2020. Just like the group, this innovative series of concerts was intended to be creative and suit everyone's tastes while showcasing key spaces in Geneva, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere.

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Artistic Partners

Grand Théâtre de Genève

Opening its doors in 1879, the Grand Théâtre de Genève is the operatic institution of Geneva.

The leading stage in Switzerland thanks to its technical capacities, the Grand Théâtre hosts opera, ballet and concert performances. Since September 2019, its managing director Aviel Cahn has been building a reputation of artistic excellence and avant-garde by inviting creators from other disciplines in contemporary art and cinema. His first production, Einstein on the Beach, set to music by Philip Glass and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, was received with critical acclaim.

The Théâtre’s new management has strengthened the artistic collaboration with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, an honoured musical partner since its foundation in 1918. With eight productions each season, at least one of which is conducted by artistic and musical director Jonathan Nott, the Grand Théâtre and OSR anchor their quality cultural dialogue in a concrete and lasting manner. Through this partnership, the OSR’s identity and repertoire of excellence – especially in French music – are particularly enhanced and appreciated.

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Haute école de musique de Genève (HEM)

The Haute école de musique de Genève (Geneva HEM) and its Neuchâtel branch were created in 2009. The school originated from the professional sections of two older institutions: the Conservatoire de musique de Genève and the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze. The HEM covers a historical and stylistic field ranging from medieval music to contemporary production, without forgetting music from outside Europe. It attracts more than 600 students from five continents, taught by around a hundred professors and highly qualified speakers in the arts and academia.

Firmly integrated in the region’s cultural landscape, the Geneva HEM is an artistic and educational community of international renown. It collaborates with the OSR by organising joint orchestral academies and offering a joint training programme: the DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Orchestral Practice, which aims to deepen and broaden the skills of students in their orchestral practice. Both institutions are part of the Cité de la Musique project, a vast campus which will bring the two together under one roof and allow new synergies to unfold.

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Geneva International Music Competition

Founded in 1939, the Geneva International Music Competition is one of the world’s leading international music competitions. It aims to discover, promote, and support young talented artists, giving them the necessary tools to launch an international career.

Now more than three quarters of a century old, the Geneva International Music Competition has revealed nearly 800 artists, with prestigious names including Georg Solti, Martha Argerich, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Victoria de los Angeles, Maurizio Pollini, Friedrich Gulda, Maurice André, José van Dam, Christian Zacharias, Emmanuel Pahud and Nelson Goerner.

Among the forty instruments that have been under the spotlight since it was founded, the Geneva International Music Competition has alternated a few key disciplines: piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, cello, viola, string quartet, vocals, percussion and composition.

An artistic partner of the Geneva International Music Competition since its inception, each year the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande accompanies candidates at the Finals at Victoria Hall.

Upcoming competitions:
2021 - Cello & Oboe
2022 - Piano & Composition
2023 - Flute & Quartet
2024 - Voice & Composition

further information

Lausanne Chamber Orchestra (OCL)

Founded in 1942 by violinist Victor Desarzens, the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra has become one of the most sought-after chamber orchestras in Europe.

In 2015, the American Joshua Weilerstein was appointed artistic director.

Made up of around forty instrumentalists, the OCL is a resident of the Salle Métropole and embraces a vast repertoire, from early Baroque to contemporary compositions.

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Media Partners

Espace 2


Espace 2 is the RTS radio channel principally dedicated to classical music. As such, it is at the heart of the public service broadcasters' relationship with the classical music scene in French-speaking Switzerland, and with the OSR in particular.

The evening concert programme entitled "Plein Jeu" (Wednesdays at 8 pm) on Espace 2 hosts the main concerts given by the OSR throughout the season. Furthermore, the OSR's recordings permeate the entire programme schedule, particularly in the afternoon "Tour de Suisse Romande", every day at 1.30 pm.

Through its exchanges with more than 60 public service media within the framework of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Espace 2 also enables the OSR to be heard regularly throughout Europe.

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PENTATONE is a classical music label that supports authentic artistic expression, working with internationally renowned artists. PENTATONE's reputation for excellence is supported by a diverse catalogue, ranging from the traditional to the unusual and unexpected, driven by an ambition to innovate in classical music. PENTATONE continues to push its limits to release high quality recordings of artistic value, earning the label the Gramophone (2019) and ICMA (2020) Label of the Year awards.

The PENTATONE catalogue includes performances by conductors such as Marek Janowski, Vladimir Jurowski, Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Jakub Hrusa, Sir Neville Marriner, Yakov Kreizberg, Lawrence Foster, Philippe Herreweghe, Michele Mariotti, Kazuki Yamada, Simon Rattle, Paavo Järvi, Kent Nagano and Andrew Manze; artists like Alisa Weilerstein, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Magdalena Kozena, Piotr Beczala, Arabella Steinbacher, Julia Fischer, Inon Barnatan, Denis Kozhukhin, Thomas Adés, Martin Helmchen, Francesco Piemontesi, Mari Kodama, Johannes Moser, Matt Haimovitz, Anna Lucia Richter, Hanna-Elisabeth Müller, Melody Moore, Lisa Delan, Alice Coote, Elisabeth Kulman, Julie Fuchs, Michael Fabiano, Thomas Hampson, Nikolai Schukoff, Christian Elsner and Lester Lynch; and orchestras such as Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Gulbenkian Orchestra in Lisbon, Houston Symphony Orchestra, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Academy of St Martin in the Fields, Lucerne Festival Strings, Il Pomo d'Oro, Orchestre National de Lille, Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

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MEZZO, the international reference for classical music, jazz and dance on television, is now broadcast in more than 80 countries to 60 million subscribers, and is available on two complementary channels:

Mezzo, an invitation to explore the repertoire – New prodigies, the stars of today and legends of the past, in all repertoires and formats.

Mezzo Live HD, the ultimate concert hall – Mezzo Live HD invites you to the finest of concert halls; opera and ballet houses, festivals and more.

With 40 live shows each year filmed exclusively in HD, Mezzo Live HD brings you the best of the international music scene.

Mezzo has been a proud partner of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande for many years, regularly broadcasting orchestra concerts live from the Victoria Hall in Geneva, as well as footage from the orchestra’s prestigious archives.

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Nasha Gazeta

Our collaboration with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande began in 2011 when Steve Roger asked me to help prepare for the OSR’s first Russian tour. The discovery of the important place that the Russian repertoire holds in the OSR’s history, along with our regular contact, sharing of ideas and walks in Saint-Petersburg at -27°C, not to mention experiencing the traffic jams in Moscow… All this built friendship and trust. We have never separated since!

Coming from a Russian musical background and being a great lover of classical music, I am very proud of Nasha Gazeta's partnership with the OSR and am in awe of the inventiveness and professionalism of its musicians and management. It is clearly a winning team. Happy musical season to all of us!

Nadia Sikorsky
Founder and Editor of Nasha Gazeta

further infomation


Funding Authorities

See the messages of support from our funding authorities for the Season 2020-21 below.

Etat de Genève

A skilful blend of tradition and openness characterises the rich musical season of the OSR. By welcoming the Ticino pianist Francesco Piemontesi, a soloist of international renown, and thanks to the presence of renowned conductors of the Baroque repertoire, the OSR opens a bright window on the outside world in Geneva. Its international reputation will continue to grow as it tours.

The Department of Social Cohesion, together with the City of Geneva, is therefore delighted to see this year's renewal of the convention that unites it with the OSR. And the future is bright: the prospect of the future Cité de la Musique will once again assert Geneva's place in classical music.

For more than a century, the Orchestra, in the service of excellence, has been offering intense moments of emotion to lovers of the classical repertoire. But it has also understood the importance of thinking about the multiplicity of audiences, by setting up tailor-made programmes. Film concerts open the doors to new audiences for the OSR every year. For the coming season, the youth card formula has been rethought, and the number of concerts for young people has been increased. The OSR is faithful to its local roots and also prioritises access for people with reduced mobility and the elderly, working hand in hand with local associations.

As State Councillor in charge of social cohesion, access to culture is a strong focus of my policy. I salute here the commitment of Jonathan Nott, the OSR's musical and artistic director, for the willingness to share that emanates from his work.

If the success of an orchestra depends on the sum of the people who make it, the OSR also benefits from this extra vitality that gives it its strength. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank each and every musician, as well as the technicians and administrative members of the OSR, who bear the colours of Geneva throughout the world.

Thierry Apothéloz
State Councillor in charge of the Department of Social Cohesion

further information

Ville de Genève

To desire to inspire and delight a diverse public is the wish of all those who are passionate about their art.

For an ensemble such as the OSR, which has been doing this for more than 100 years now, this means being able to count on an attractive programme, renowned conductors and soloists, a seasoned orchestra and attractive outreach projects.

With its proposal for the 2020-2021 season, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande can count on a fine balance of these different parameters. I am sure that they will enable it to guarantee musical excellence and to attract the attention and ears of many people.

Among the renewed experiences, I welcome the residence of the Ticino pianist Francesco Piemontesi, who succeeds the composer Yann Robin. In addition, the concerts designed for families, which have been a great success and which I am particularly pleased about.

Under the baton of Jonathan Nott and the direction of Steve Roger, back in the great and beautiful house of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, our prestigious orchestra once again promises us beautiful musical moments, a tour of the world of emotions, and a journey through time.

Enjoy the concerts!

Sami Kanaan
Administrative Adviser in charge of the Department of Culture and Sport

further information

Canton de Vaud

Season upon season, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande brings together great musicians and luminous scores. This encounter gives birth to or affirms careers. It makes our region shine in the international world of music. But it also allows much more: exchanges with a faithful audience through concerts in the Lake Geneva region and international tours, encounters with radio listeners thanks to its collaboration with RTS, and finally, discoveries with a new audience, made up of families and children, thanks to its concerted efforts with young people.

For its 2020-2021 season, the OSR meets the people of Vaud for 8 concerts at the Salle Métropole in Lausanne.

The Canton of Vaud is therefore proud to support this orchestra, which is dear to its population and which brilliantly complements the range of classical music on offer.

The excellence of the OSR's musical production is a precious asset for the whole of French-speaking Switzerland. There is no doubt that this orchestra will continue to surprise us for a long time to come with its virtuosity and its profound capacity to inspire us.

We wish you a great season 2020-2021 and long live the OSR!

Cesla Amarelle
State Councillor, Head of the Department of Education, Youth and Culture of the Canton of Vaud

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