forthcoming auditions


Cello - Principal (coordinated)

Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th February 2018

Closing date: Sunday 21st January 2018

Invitations to the audition e-mailed on Friday 26th January 2018



1.Haydn, Concerto in D Maj., 1st and 2nd movements

2. one of the following concertos:

- A. Dvorak, Cello concerto, 1st and 2nd movements

- R. Schumann, Cello concerto, 1st and 2nd movements

Orchestra excerpts:

L. van Beethoven - Les Créatures de Prométhée, n° 5 

L. van Beethoven - Symphonie n°5, 2e mouvement 

J. Brahms - Concerto pour piano n° 2 op 83, 3e mvt

D. Chostakovitch - Symphonie n° 15, 2e mvt 

G. Puccini - Tosca, acte 3

G. Rossini - Guillaume Tell, ouverture

R. Strauss - Der Bürger als Edelmann, n° 11 

R. Strauss - Don Quichotte : Thème, variations 1, 4, 5 et Final

P. I. Tchaïkovski - Le Lac des Cygnes, acte 2 n° 13

R. Wagner - Die Walküre, acte 1, scène 1


Further information and registration under this link

No applications sent by mail or direct email will be accepted.



Oboe - Principal (coordinated)

5th and 6th October 2017 - Mrs Nora Cismondi won the audition.

Cello - Principal (coordinated)

15th and 16th September 2017 - no succesful applicant.

 Assistant principal second violins (coordinated)

 12th and 13th September 2017 - Mrs Claire DASSESSE won the audition.

Tutti viola

15th and 16th June 2017 - Mrs Béatrice NACHIN won the audition.
The second position is still open and new auditions will be scheduled.

Principal Concertmaster (coordinated)

17th and 18th November 2016 - Mr Svetlin ROUSSEV won the audition.

2nd Trombone-assistant principal

17th and 18th October 2016 - Mr Vincent METRAILLER won the audition.

Timpani - Principal

 13th and 14th October 2016 - Mr Arthur BONZON won the audition.