Alexander Shelley, conductor
Elçim Özdemir, viola
Andrew Staples, tenor
Albina Shagimurate, bass

Both passionate literary scholars, Britten and Shostakovich skilfully used large-scale texts to bring their message to the world. Rimbaud was the inspiration of Britten's Les Illuminations, one of the most personal and stunning of his works. Dedicated by Shostakovich to his English friend, his Symphony No. 14 for chamber orchestra resembles an immense melodic cycle composed to the poems of Garcia Lorca, Apollinaire, Küchelbecker and Rilke - each representing one of the many aspects of death. Britten conjures up the shadows of his own inner world in Lachrymae, a pure masterpiece whose writing again approaches that of his Soviet friend.

Benjamin Britten

Lachrymae, op. 48a, for contralto and strings

Benjamin Britten

Les Illuminations, op. 18, for high voice and strings

Dimitri Chostakovitch

Symphony No. 14, op. 135, for soprano, bass and chamber orchestra
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