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the instrument fund

The OSR Instrument Fund was created in March 2014, set up by Florence Notter and Henk Swinnen.

Intended to finance the purchase, maintenance and conservation of musical instruments belonging to the OSR Foundation, this fund has no financial limit and the outcomes of its investments last well into the future. Donors can buy instruments for the orchestra through the OSR's bodies, pay for the purchase of specific instruments or contribute to the fund itself, leaving the choice of which instruments to buy to the orchestra’s conductor depending on funds received, urgency and need.

Any payment made is considered an unconditional donation to the OSR Foundation. The use of this fund is monitored by the auditors of the OSR Foundation. Each donation is allocated in full to the Instruments Fund, without deduction of fees or commissions.


The OSR regularly organises meetings between donors to the Instruments Fund and the OSR’s musicians.

Donors have the opportunity to experience the sound of the instruments in two ways:

  • at a chamber music concert given at the Batiment des Forces Motrices
  • at a symphony concert with the whole OSR at Victoria Hall        

Donors are invited to both of these concerts and can have backstage access at the concert hall accompanied by representatives of the Foundation and the OSR Management. The list of OSR Instruments Fund donors appears on every concert programme.

What could be more precious than facilitating the meeting of a musician and their new instrument, thus contributing to the continued excellence of the orchestra?

For more information, contact Philippe Borri (


We extend our gratitude to all those who stand by our side and support our orchestra through donations to our Instruments Fund.


These donors will allow us to keep our stock of instruments up to date, preserving and improving the musical quality of our orchestra.

The Instruments Fund has already received significant donations which have enabled us to acquire:

  • our new Concert Piano by an exceptional donation from the Fondation Francis & Marie-France Minkoff
  • a new Harp by donation from Madame Stéphanie Labrouche
  • a new Double Bass by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous
  • two new Flutes by donation from the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art and another donation from Société Générale Private Banking
  • a German Trumpet by a group of donors who participated in our call for donations on 10 November 2014
  • two German Trumpets through crowdfunded donations in November 2015
  • two German Trumpets by donation from the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art
  • a new Set of Thai gongs by donation from Société Générale Private Banking
  • a new Double Bass by donation from Mr Pierre Darier


Many people have decided to support the fund through donations without specific mention. We wish to warmly and whole-heartedly thank all of them.

The Orchestre de la Suisse Romande Foundation is a foundation recognised as being in the public interest by the Council of State of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. Donations are deductible in line with the various legal and cantonal provisions.