The Association "Friends of the OSR"
of the canton de Vaud 

The Association « Friends of the OSR » of the Canton de Vaud was founded in 1935 targeting the support of the OSR in general, but mainly the promotion of the OSR’s concerts in Lausanne. Thereby the association contributes to maintain the specifically “Suisse Romande” character of the orchestra.

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Information and member subscription requests can be downloaded here or sent by email to or to the post mail address below:

Association vaudoise des Amis de l’OSR
1000 Lausanne

CCP 10-2248-4

Download the information brochure of the Vaud Friends of the OSR

The « Préludes » conferences : an entertaining happening before every concert
These conferences called “Préludes” are open to everybody who comes to the Palais de Beaulieu for a concert of the OSR. The conferences feature a presentation of the upcoming concert by a selected speaker who will captivate the audience through his extended knowledge of the composer and his work. It is also a nice opportunity to meet all other classical music lovers.

Note : the conferences start at 7:30pm at Innsbruck Hall on the 1st floor of the Théâtre Beaulieu Lausanne. The access to the conferences is free to members of our association (CHF 5.00 per person entrance fee for non-members).

You are welcome to combine the conference with a dinner in the conference area prior to the event at 6:30PM. For dinner booking call 021 643 22 91.

Become a privileged member of the Friends of the OSR

Your support is essential in order to ensure the continuity of the concerts by the OSR in the Canton de Vaud. Remember that with the OSR you are experiencing the only symphonic orchestra in our region.

The mentioned amounts are minimal membership fees for each member category. Our association will be grateful for your spontaneous generosity! In the Canton de Vaud your membership fees to our association are fiscally deductible from your taxes.

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Information and subscription requests can be sent by email to or to the post mail address below:

Association vaudoise des Amis de l’OSR
1000 Lausanne