Jonathan Nott, conductor

Britten and Shostakovich were linked by an exceptional friendship, one comparable to that of Haydn and Mozart. Intimidated by the idea of meeting the idol of his youth, Britten eventually was introduced to Shostakovich with the help of Rostropovich. The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra pays homage to Purcell while introducing the instruments of the orchestra to young music-lovers. The gigantic Symphony No. 4 of Shostakovich calls for monumental Mahlerian musical forces; the Soviet composer's fervent tribute was first performed 25 years after its composition.

Benjamin Britten

The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, op. 34 (Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Purcell)

Dimitri Chostakovitch

Symphonie N° 4 en ut mineur op. 43 (extraits du dernier mouvement)
samedi 11 janvier Victoria Hall — 11h00 Concerts en famille
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