Jonathan Nott, conductor
Eric-Maria Couturier, cello

Uncontested master of the quartet and the symphony, Haydn also wrote 15 operas, which remained locked away inside his patron's palace. Il Mondo della luna is a delightful philosophical farce in Italian comic style where, in an act of deception, a ridiculous old fool is led to believe that he is on the moon. Haydn's mischievous side seems to have rubbed off on Beethoven, whose Symphony No. 4 draws on this language while also developing it. Quarks, the smallest elementary particles of matter currently known, were Yann Robin's inspiration for his unconstrained exploration of sound, which emerges as a truly sensory experience.

Joseph Haydn

Overture to 'Il Mondo della luna'

Yann Robin

Quarks, for cello and orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 4 in B flat op. 60
mercredi 30 octobre Victoria Hall — 20h00 Appassionato Buy tickets SIG Fondation Leenaards
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